Christina + Aaron // Commerical Drive Engagement Session

Just a few images for now… Enjoy!

Happy Engagement C+A!

Sneak Peek // The Kaniewski Family at Redwood Park

A little teaser from our family portrait session at Redwood Park. Last time I saw this cutie was when she was just over a week old. Time flys! I love watching families grow:)

Leah + Cam // Pitt Lake Engagement Session

  We started on the front steps of L and C’s new house in North Van. We then drove to Pitt Lake to get some scenic shots of the mountains. The drive to Pitt Meadows was extremely misty and the fog was so thick that day that I could barely see the cars in front of me. I actually started to wonder whether we would see the mountains at all that day. When we arrived at the right spot, the mountains had a blanket of mist hovering around them. It definitely made for some really cool reflection shots; sometimes mother nature is genius like that. The fog quickly lifted so we could see the mountains in full view and carry on with our shoot in the winter sunshine.

I am so honoured to be your wedding photographer and happy that I get to spend all day with you both! Looking forward to the vineyards and the cedar creek sun. 


Steph + Ryan//English Bay Engagement Session

Stephanie and Ryan were visiting from San Francisco and snuck in some time to do their engagement photos. The last time I saw them was back in 2010! After chatting a bit, we choose to take photos in English Bay as they used to live in the west end before moving to California. Surprisingly, I have never had the opportunity to shoot an engagement session in English Bay so, needless to say, I was excited to scout out the area. I managed to find some cherry blossoms still hanging around the neighbourhood and we stayed long enough on the beach to get a stunning sunset silhouette.

Congrats S+R! I am honoured to be a part of your wedding! 

Breanne + Phil // Spring Engagement session in Steveston

It was the perfect spring evening for Breanne + Phil’s Engagement session. Although I take portraits in Steveston fairly frequently, it always looks very different in each season and it’s always fun to find new nooks and hidden gems. Check out the gorgeous light, the lovely cherry blossoms and this cute couple.

Congrats B+P!

The Flecks // Fall Family Photo Session at Stewart Farm

Throw back to Fall!

Fall was a busy time for family portraits and Stewart Farm was one of my favourite spots. The leaves there are so beautiful in October and November and everyone wants to take advantage of the autumn leaves. 

The colours in these images are stunning and so is this lovely family.





The Parsons // Fall Family Portraits at Stewart Farm

A fall family portrait session with the Parsons!

Back in November we went to Stewart farm to update their family photos and take advantage of the beautiful autumn leaves. We managed to avoid the rain and catch the leaves before they fell off the trees, exactly one week later. I love photographing this beautiful family

The Jones Family // Centennial Beach Portraits

Centennial Beach was stunning the day I met up with the Jones family. It couldn’t have been a more perfect setting. The sun was behind the clouds and the skyline looked like a perfect painting. My favourite kind of day.

 When I first spoke to the Jones family about their portaits they confided that they hadn’t had a family portrait in almost 10 years. Although ten years is a long time to wait between portraits, it wasn’t a surprise, as most people slowly forget about professionally updating their pictures as soon as their kids surpass their teens.  When we chatted about the session further, I was also told that the session would be a gift for their parents 40th Wedding Anniversary. Amazing. What a perfect gift and a perfect time to create some new memories.

Thanks for letting me share and for bringing your el camino



Winter Family Portraits// The Morrisons

One of my favourite times of year to photograph family portraits is in the winter. It’s one of the only times where the beaches are empty and the skies are unpredictable and dramatic. On this particular November day the weather called for 90% chance of rain, however we never saw a drop. Although Vancouver gets a lot of rain, it is very rare that I ever have to reschedule my sessions. Maybe I’m just lucky! 

Little Seth was nervous when we started so we just played some games to make him feel more comfortable. I love it when parents have fun playing with their kids and can temporarily forget that I’m around. I really feel like I captured their joy in these photos.


To book a family portrait session please email me for more details

Portrait sessions start at $350

One Frame// Leah + Cam// Pitt Lake Engagement

The drive out to Pitt lake was gorgeous yesterday. When we got close to our destination,  the fog was so thick that you couldn’t see the mountains. However, when we parked and arrived at the dock, the fog cleared slighty to create these beautiful low clouds. I just love the unpredictable winter weather and the reflection that these clouds created.

Congrats Leah + Cam!

I can’t wait to show you both the full set of images