Top 20 images from our travels in 2017

Last summer we took an extended holiday with our (then) 3 month old newborn baby, Georgia. Looking back I’m so happy that we made the journey when she was so little as doing the exact same trip now (at 10 months) would be extremely challenging. So many memories from this holiday and here is just a snippet of some of the many photos we took.

North Berwick Beach, Scotland

Calton Hill, Edinburgh Scotland

This is probably one of my most favourite photos to date. Georgia’s little hands on Andrews hands is just the cutest plus a great view of Arthur’s seat in the background.

North Berwick, Scotland

Circus Lane, Edinburgh

This is probably one of my favourite streets in Edinburgh. Not only because it’s adorable but also because it was my view from my bedroom window for almost five years of my life. For some reason I never took a photo of this street for the 7 years that I lived in Edinburgh so I was desperate to get a shot of it while we were there. Finally.

City View, Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle, Scotland

Stockbridge, Edinburgh

We stayed for a month at our Air Bnb in Edinburgh. When we arrived we only had a couple of toys and a teether and that was it. We bought this blanket for Georgia so she could lay on the floor and practice crawling, but we didn’t think she would learn so fast! This photo is very special to me as she learned to crawl on this very blanket in our Stockbridge apartment at 4.5 months. Crawling so early definitely changed our trip and made flights a little more interesting. 

Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla Stan, Stockholm Sweden

Our friend recommended that we take Georgia in the Bjorn carrier when we went into Gamla Stan (old town) as there were lots of cobbles and narrow streets, however Georgia didn’t like to be carried that way at this age so we took the stroller instead. It turned out to be a bad move as it’s hard for babies to nap successfully when they are pushed at high speeds over cobblestones. Here we are taking a break from the vigorous stroller bouncing.

Stockholm Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden

This photo will always make me laugh as I just finished breast feeding Georgia under the tree behind me. At the time it looked like a quiet resting stop, but it turned out to be a very popular tree on the Stockholm walking tours. In the 15 mins that I sat there I had 3 large tour groups stop and surround me to talk about the tree and take photos. 

Lucca, Italy

Lucca, Italy

Andrew just blending into Italian life

When the grandparents came to visit 

Osteria Miranda, Lucca Italy

Our favourite restaurant Osteria Miranda with our fav waiters

One of the few photos taken of the 3 of us on this trip

Lucca, Italy

Taken just outside our apartment within the city walls of Lucca


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