I have been excited for weeks to blog about these photos, but haven’t been able to let the ‘cat out of the bag’, as they were a gift to Nikki’s husband-to-be. Boudoir really is like adult dress-up and is such a creative way to feel sexy in the skin that you’re in. Nikki’s friend styled her hair and when she arrived at the hotel she started out with a pampering make-up session with Jessica Weiss from Mary Kay Cosmetics. As I was setting up the room, all I could hear were squeals of excitement coming from the powder room as Jessica created her look. I really think that professional hair and make-up really help to boost confidence before the shoot and allow you to try a look that is slightly more daring then your own. Nikki looks AMAZING and I’m pretty sure that her husband agrees ;)








 I had a lot of fun showing these images to Nikki and sharing the whole experience with her. I am excited to be shooting 6 beautiful women this weekend, Sept 18th, during my boudoir marathon at a lavish hotel in Vancouver along with Make-up artist Jessica Weiss. Hopefully I will be able to share an image or two with you soon!


Make-up by Jessica Weiss

Suzanne and Chris: St. Faiths Church and Granville Island at Sunset

September 4th was a glorious day with a slight autumn breeze in the air. Suzanne and her bridesmaids, one of which was her sister, were getting their makeup done when I arrived and trying not to make each other cry. Her dress was stunning and hanging by the door, just waiting for the right moment to arrive.


-0341.jpg -9854.jpg

St. Faith’s Anglican Church is a lovely little church with stained glass windows and just enough light pouring through the windows to create a certain glow in the shots. Its also a unique and special place for both Chris and Suzanne and their families. 

-0631.jpg -0647.jpg

Suzanne having a laugh with her bridesmaids and getting excited to see Chris 

-0654.jpg -0657.jpg -1-4.jpg -0782.jpg -9964.jpg -9969.jpg -0789.jpg -0087.jpg -1415.jpg

I love Granville Island for its diversity. Its bold industrial type buildings, narrow alleyways, ocean views and city scape back drop. There really isn’t a bad spot in Granville Island, however its hard to get away from the hustle and bustle. Suzanne and Chris wanted some place intimate; some place to escape the crowds. So this is what I found…. 


We started off behind the Sandbar and made use of the ivy and boat underneath the bridge. 

-1333.jpg -1172.jpg -1409.jpg -0719.jpg -1418.jpg -0721.jpgWe then escaped down a deserted alley way to find the most amazing view of the city at sunset. What a beautiful end to the day.

Follow link to see photos from their stanley park engagement

second shooter: Caitlin Soroke


Theresa and Motchan: Beautiful Backyard Vows

I alluded to this beautiful backyard ceremony in my previous post, as I first met Theresa and Motchan celebrating at their friends reception the night before. I was introduced to Theresa and Motchan by Anna and Perry, who told me that their dear friends from Japan would be exchanging their vows while they were in Vancouver. The ceremony was held in their friends backyard and it was decorated beautifully with sunflowers, candles and bright blue ribbon.

-8454.jpg -8528.jpg -8481.jpg -8501.jpg -8753.jpg

 The sun came out after the ceremony and we went to the neighborhood park to take some couple shots and family portraits.

-8769.jpg -8760.jpg -8772.jpg -8351.jpg

-8898.jpgAnd we finished off with a group shot with the bridesmaids and the sunflowers that matched their dresses. Thanks so much Anna and Perry for introducing me to such a lovely couple. I was so excited to be a part of their day here in Vancouver.

Congrats to you both! I hope you had a safe trip back to Japan… and good luck with all that life brings you in the future!

Getting to know Steph, Anna and Perry

I have known Stephanie since school, but we kinda lost touch after the boundaries changed and she transferred to Steveston High School. I was asked to photograph her and her brother Perry when Perry was in town visiting from London with his wife Anna. We went to London Farms in Steveston just after the rain stopped and the sun came out to get these shots. Little did I know, that I would get to know Steph, Perry and Anna a lot better while Perry and Anna were in town.






Perry and Anna came to Vancouver to celebrate their marriage with their Vancouver relatives. They were married two years ago and still celebrating! LOVE it! After these photos were taken I was asked to photograph their Vancouver Wedding Celebration at Panos Greek Taverna. I met Perry and Anna outside the River Rock Casino and we took some photographs before heading to the party.






We drove together to the reception and it gave me little more time to ask questions. I was curious. How did Anna, who is originally from New Zealand, and Perry who is originally from Richmond, BC meet? I never would have guessed that it would be while living in Okinawa Japan. When we arrived at the reception the room was buzzing and all a glow. Its always comforting to walk into a room and have all your family and friends in sight.







A couple of Anna and Perry’s friends were visiting from Japan for the occasion and they actually were getting married the following afternoon. So the celebration did not end here. I was honoured to be asked to photograph Theresa and Motchan’s Wedding vows the following day….. but that is a whole other blog post. (stay tuned….)

It was so amazing getting to know Steph, Anna and Perry better over the course of the week. At points I felt as though I was documenting their entire trip to Vancouver :) I love their energy and kindness and was really happy to get to know them. Hopefully I will see them in London in the fall. Safe trip home!

Kate and James: Wedding

I arrived at Kate’s parents house on the day of the wedding and everything was in order. Kate was patiently waiting to put on her dress; patient and smiling, she didn’t dare put it on a minute too soon as it would spoil the fun. Champagne arrived and the girls became excited and decided to put on the finishing touches so we could take some pictures before the ceremony began.

details.jpg Everything was simple, yet elegant. 


 Kate’s father glided her down the aisle as James waited for her in the garden.


 They exchanged vows with joy and contentment. It wasn’t until they both left the garden did it hit them, and the tears begin to well in their eyes.




 Having fun with mini pockets…..




-9812.jpg -9682.jpg


-9557.jpg -9823.jpg


details2.jpg -8903.jpg


It was the first wedding that I have attended that actually ran ahead of schedule. We even had time for a mild trek in the woods.We were all relaxed throughout the creative portrait session and had fun at Redwood Park in the treehouse that was there. The party continued at Hazelmere Golf and Country Club and I am sure that it went on until the early morning hours.

Hope you both are having a fantatic honeymoon and enjoying the first part of the rest of your lives.


Venue: Private Residence and Hazelmere Golf and Country Club

Wedding Coordination and decor: Candice Jones/A Day to Remember

Photography: MCS Photo

Second Shooter: Ami Sanyal

Michelle & Justin's Britannia Wedding

I was very excited about shooting Michelle and Justin’s Wedding.  I was excited because they were getting married in Steveston on the docks of the Shipyards which is a place that is very special to them, but also to me.  I was excited because not only was it a very large bridal party (8 grooms men, 8 bridesmaid, 2 ring bearers and a flower girl) but I knew most of the groomsmen from school, which makes for great banter right off the bat! But what I was most excited about was the fact that these 8 grooms men and 8 bridesmaids have been friends for a such a long time that they are as close as family.

-9075.jpg -9089.jpg -9432.jpg -9441.jpg -9437.jpg -9530.jpg -9566.jpg -9554.jpg -9568.jpg -9562.jpg -4902.jpg -9805.jpg -0129.jpg -0124.jpg -0041.jpg -9998.jpg -0512.jpg -0596.jpg -7122.jpg There were some great speeches through out the night that struck an emotional cord with the entire room. They had it all from loud cheers and chants to full blown tears. What a fantastic evening. Congrats to you both!

Michelle's Mendhi Ceremony

On the eve of Michelle’s Wedding, family and friends gathered in the backyard to celebrate and give blessings. Henna was intricately applied to the women and there was a great energy buzzing around the place. This was my very first time photographing a Mendhi Ceremony and it was hard for me to know where to stand to get the best shot. Not only did I not know what was going to happen next, but there was so much going on, so many great expressions and gorgeous colours, that I was overwhelmed with excitement. I thought it was such a great way to get all the women together, that by the end of the night I was convinced that every bride should have a mendhi ceremony.

-8139.jpg -8127.jpg -8132.jpg -8149.jpg -8245.jpg -8238.jpg -8307.jpg -8074.jpg -7958.jpg

Tying the knot by the sea at Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

Kristen and Warren’s day was extremely intimate for such a grand location such as the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. They were married on the deck just after 4pm on a very sunny afternoon in August. Rose petals lined the aisle and Kristen and Warren cast beautiful silhouettes along the deck which overlooked Vancouver’s trademark mountains.  


It was almost this time last year when I first met Warren. Almost a year to the date, I was photographing Warrens sister’s wedding at Hopkin’s Landing and that same weekend (almost a year to the date) is when Warren proposed.details.jpg Kristen was a very organized bride and therefore the day was very calm and relaxed. As I arrived at the hotel, the girls were chatting, having lunch and everything was in order.  






…and rumour has it that Warren even had time to go for a bike ride.

ceremony.jpg -5379.jpg



dinner.jpg dinner2.jpg -6134.jpg

There were quite a few storytellers in the room and everyone who had the opportunity to say of few words told Kristen and Warren’s story well. There was a LOT of laughter in the room


Thanks for letting me share your day…. and congrats to you both!



Emma and Rob's Fort Langley Engagement


It had to be Monday! These two are busy bee’s and never in one place for too long. I was lucky to catch them in town, between dress fittings and drinks, before Rob goes on the move once again and gets back to work. Thank god it happened to be a sunny week in beautiful british columbia.

-3732.jpg -3711.jpg

-3929.jpgThe setting was perfect; slightly vintage and accessorized with Emma’s vintage suitcases that Rob bought for her for Christmas. And somehow, the theme of travel works well for these two as they always seem to be somewhere different. 


 -3801.jpg Poppy is also quite the traveller and is originally from Singapore. She is looking for trains and guarding the two love birds. 

-4078.jpgPoppy is very excited that the shoot is complete and she can once again have all the attention!

Congrats to you both on your engagement! Sean and I had a lot of fun with you on monday night!

Movies for Mommies at the Rio Theatre

This week I was at the Rio Theatre along with Phebe Trotman and Duette Anderson from Send Out Cards.  We teamed up with Laura from Movies for Mommies, and offered free mini-photo sessions along with personalized greeting cards to families who attended the viewing of Inception. I wasn’t expecting SO many new-borns! A lot of the babies who attended were only 11 weeks old! The families were asked to dress their best for this event and were really excited to get their photo taken. They can now share their picture with their friends and family as each family can send 5 personal greeting cards thanks to Send Out Cards. We decided to sneak a shot of us behind the concession counter while the movie was on;)

-3415.jpgMovies for Mommies is an event that happens every second wednesday at the Rio Theatre and is an infant-friendly event where mothers can escape into the current movie and have a chance to network with other mommies. Dads, Grandparents and other family members are also welcome to the event and there are change tables and stroller parking available! 


Duette and Phebe holding a personalized greeting card from Send Out Cards at our display table. Catch us at the Rio again October 13th! Thanks for having us Laura!